Empowered Medical – A division of Empowered Medical Media, LLC – has launched a new service that offers premiere medical diagnostic equipment for rent to physicians and healthcare clinics.

Modern Medical Diagnostics

One of the fastest growing areas in modern medicine is medical diagnostics. Simply said, better medicine – better outcomes and better efficacy –can be achieved through better diagnostics.

Too often a diagnosis, especially in primary care, is a matter of guess work, experience and intuition. The diagnostic tools available, especially in a primary care or office facility, provide only the simplest of data and information. Often serious issues are not detected or misdiagnosed. However, once a physician has an accurate evaluation of what problems a patient actually faces better they can treat.
The good news today is that a battery of new technologies has changed the diagnostic tools available -changing what is possible in the doctor’s office. These new diagnostics are done right in the doctor’s office – either by the doctor or medical technician. In many cases the results are available immediately.

These technologies provide diagnostic results that are often comparable, and sometimes even better, than much more complex and expensive diagnostic tools – are uniformly non-invasive. Some research demonstrates that new these diagnostics can detect the beginnings of problems years, even decades, before a serious disease actually manifests. This sensitivity allows healthcare providers to intervene early, often preventing serious problems occurring later in life – saving untold costs in pain, suffering and even dollars to patients.

Additional good news for medical professionals is that many insurers, including Medicare, are recognizing the importance of these diagnostics and will provide reimbursement.

Which Technologies to Choose?

The challenge for physicians is which diagnostic technology to choose? Is it wise to purchase or lease a piece of diagnostic equipment that can tie up your capital for years at a time. As we all know, most medical devices are routinely eclipsed by a new model or technology. Suddenly a physician who is forward thinking is falling behind trapped by their investment in a technology that is quickly becoming antiquated.

Also, it is often difficult for a physician to make a truly educated choice. Who has the time to adequately research which technology is best and backed by the best scientific research and evidence?

Empowered Medical’s Answer

So in demand to these questions and issues, often posed to us by our own clients, Empowered Medical Media has launched a medical equipment rental service. We have done the research. We have worked with physicians in the field with the very devices we offer on a daily basis. We work directly with the manufactures and major distributors, often with the very inventors of the technologies.
Thus we can offer our clients through our rental programs the opportunity to start using the best medical diagnostic technologies available – with no initial investment. By renting equipment, the physician is not tied into any one technology for longer than the term of the rental agreement. And the benefit is that they can see immediate financial returns on their monthly rental fee.