Never before have individuals been given the opportunity to directly measure, track and train their brain anywhere, anytime.  Evoke technology brings this opportunity out of the lab and into your hands.


Evoke is driving the latest advances in neuroscience research & technology, packaging these in easy-to-use portable delivery systems and making it accessible to everybody… at home, in the office or on the road.


Evoke’s three founders have over 60 years combined experience in medicine and applied clinical research specializing in anti-aging, optimal performance training, sports-related concussion, traumatic brain injury and mental health.  This expertise is behind everything we do at Evoke Neuroscience with the goal of providing this knowledge to everyone who can benefit from it.


Evoke utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in cloud-computing, automated digital analysis, bioengineering and product design to create easy-to-use electrophysiology assessment and training products.  These products let people measure their brain’s performance and train to reach their full brain health potential anywhere, anytime.

eVox system Product Detail

Record and Train Anywhere

  • Small profile amplifier
  • Blue technology
  • Tablet or laptop data streaming
  • Wi-Fi data upload to server
  • All items fit in light-weight durable carrying case
  • Rapid assessment protocols

Multiple Modalities

  • Simultaneous EEG, ERP, ECG recording
  • Full head topography EEG and ERP
  • Neuropsychological testing suites (optional)
  • EEG and HRV biofeedback

High Quality Data

  • Latest electrophysiology chip technology
  • Research & Medical grade EEG/ERP data
  • 16+ hours battery life
  • Real-time data quality tracking for signal integrity

Advanced Analysis

  • QEEG, ERP and ECG/HRV data analysis
  • Simple HIPPA compliant web-portal data upload and credit purchase system
  • Independent Component Analysis
  • EEG and ERP source localization technology